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A simple DNS server for development and testing in Kubernetes

Running a local nameserver for the .test domain on MacOS

Using a local nameserver for the .test domain on MacOS

Customized image in Kubernetes

Flashing an image to USB drive on MacOS

Virtual Conferences - Thoughts after Lead Dev Live Summer 2020

Using Nix in Docker to build Sphinx documents

Run a command with extra packages available

Building a NixOS image for VirtualBox

Minikube setup on macOS

NixOPS Defaults

NixCon 2017 - Wrap Up

Building a NixOS container from macOS

NixCon 2017 - Hackathon Day 2

Nixpkgs library discovery: remove

Remote building

NixCon 2017 - Hackathon Day 1

Loading a text dump into PostgreSQL

Reproducible Development Environments with Nix

NixOPS Container

Presentations with Org-mode

First steps using GPGSuite

On demand Redis service for your development environment

On demand PostgreSQL for your development environment

Archive multiple headlines in Org Mode

How to revert a merge commit in Git

NixOS Klinik - Hacking in November

#Nix geht mehr!

Spacemacs layer: elfeed

Dump HTTP headers via cURL

Update your node-env.nix for recent nixpkgs

Python development with Nix - an update

Spacemacs layer: imenu-list

Creating a partial unique index with SQLAlchemy in PostgreSQL

Upgrading old NixOS machines

Custom meta tags with Pelican, canonical URL as example

Printing the generated query including parameters

Sort certain result items on top in PostgreSQL

Storing the Heroku Connect configuration in a repository

Comparing tables in PostgreSQL

Thoughts on a command line toolkit for Pyramid

Heroku Connect - Trigger sync of failed records

Build a Nix derivation against a specific channel

List of all packages for Nix

Environment for the Salesforce migration tool

Thoughts on the CLI of Pyramid applications

Roughly counting rows in PostgreSQL

Spin up a local web server with Python

Mercurial workflow based on bookmarks

Mercurial log from current commit - hgcl

Hello Spacemacs

Migrate custom fields with the Salesforce Migration Tool

Nix based projects: Supporting two versions of fetchgit

Creating a test database with SQLAlchemy

Recommended read: A re-introduction to JavaScript

Grab environment variables of a Heroku app

Data migrations with Alembic - Plain SQL

Loading a PostgreSQL database dump for development environment

Remove a line from a text file via SED

Supporting EditorConfig in Spacemacs

Local SMTP server built into Python

Node development environment based on Nix

Modifying Python packages via config.nix

Combining marshmallow and translationstring

Using pip inside of nix-shell

Reproducible development environments based on Nix for Python

Hello Nix World

Hello RST World!

Hello Markdown World

Get the version of nixpkgs - Snippet