Hello Nix World

Another piece in my technology puzzle to set up a simple blog based on a static site generator is Nix - The Purely Functional Package Manager.

Why do I want it

Based on Nix I am able to describe which tools I need to build the blog. It will then get ...

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Hello RST World!

Hello Restructured Text!

Make it work

The nice thing here is that this is the default and it just works.

Why do I want this

As stated in Hello Markdown World, I have a slight preference for RST since I find it nicer to read in source form.

Reality is ...

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Hello Markdown World

"Hello World!" from a Markdown file.

Make it work

Getting this to work, I realized the following bits are needed:

The package markdown

This has to be installed into the Python environment. Thanks to my Nix based environment this is just a tiny tweak:

diff --git a/default.nix b ...
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