Hello Restructured Text!

Make it work

The nice thing here is that this is the default and it just works.

Why do I want this

As stated in Hello Markdown World, I have a slight preference for RST since I find it nicer to read in source form.

Reality is though, that I am using Orgmode for most of my notes keeping since a few months. It provides very powerful ways to structure my Notes and keep track of my projects. And I am happy with the export to Markdown which I have already in a working state.

So what is left?

The bigger part of my work happens around different Projects which are implemented in Python. The documentation they carry with them is managed with Sphinx and written usually in RST.

Being able to move fragments around between my Blog area and technical documentation feels like a thing which I want to have in my toolbox.

Minimal source example

 Hello RST World!

:date: 2016-02-14 15:00

Hello Restructured Text!


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