Johannes Bornhold

Johannes Bornhold Portrait

Hi! I am Johannes Bornhold, a Software Developer from Oldenburg in Germany. My focus is on developing software, both to make a living and for fun. This does for me also include working on and influencing organizations so that they are becoming better at making software, and by doing so being better at achieving its organizational goals.

I look at both aspects in a similar way. In the case of programming as well as around the question of how to evolve an organization, I find that similar questions can guide the way:

  • How can we make this work?
  • Once something works: How can we make it work better?

Based on my own experience I found that in both cases a process based on interacting with other human beings is most effective and should be preferred over working out the answers alone.

Work with me

Need a hand for your project? Fresh inspiration from the outside? I am happy to help if time permits, let's start a conversation and find out together where this does lead to:

This blog

This blog is about all topics which cross my way during my programming work and related technical topics, mostly related to Web development of any flavor. I have been initially focusing a lot on Python based Web development with a good chunk of Nix and NixOS related topics mixed in. My main interest until around 2018 was around the question how to best leverage a package manager / build system like Nix to have reliable development environments as well as very similar production environments.

Since 2018 my focus has been shifting more towards the organizational aspects of making software which I try to pick up with the same level of curiosity and excitement.

Mainly in 2019 I did take a bigger break from the Internet to focus more on a few non-virtual aspects of life.