Adjusting the Spacemacs configuration

Enabling reveal.js support in the org layer:

(org :variables
     org-enable-reveal-js-support t)

Hitting SPC f e R will sync the latest configuration changes.

Running load-library reveal will add it to the export backends for easy testing. Using , e e should open up the export dispatcher and R B should export the current file into HTML and open it in a browser.

The sources of Reveal.js

org-reveal will by default look at ./reveal.js to find the sources of reveal.js.

For starting, I used a local clone of the repository:

git clone

First export

The first export gives already a nice result. Still a few tweaks are needed to get a good base:

  • I'd like to remove the numbers in front on the headlines.
  • The title slide needs some tweaking, instead of the prominent "created" timestamp, I'd prefer to have my twitter handle and / or blog URL.

Org's export settings

Per file:

#+OPTIONS: toc:nil num:nil timestamp:nil

Or as properties on a subtree:

* Subtree
  :EXPORT_OPTIONS: toc:1 num:nil timestamp:nil

See details at Org's documentation.

The title slide

The timestamp can be excluded by setting timestamp:nil as shown before.


  • Use a file per presentation, easier handling of options
  • Not yet clear where to put the reveal.js files
  • Produces nice results with minimal efforts


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