Nix is the Package Manager of the NixOS project. It provides a few very nice properties which make it a great tool to manage dependencies for a software development project as well as to help with the whole deployment process.

In German the word "Nichts" means "nothing" and sounds more or less like "Nix". This is the perfect foundation to form funny phrases.

Nix geht mehr!

Sounds like casino slang, compare to "Rien ne va plus." used in Roulette.

I like this one most. Taking it out of the casino context, it means something like "Nothing works anymore!" which is a typical thing observed in the context of software development and software operation. Mostly when things are set up manually in an arbitrary way so that it is a pure matter of luck trying to reproduce a specific setup.

In this area Nix can be of great help. You can use it to provide development environments in a reproducible way, to some extend even cross Linux/Darwin. And you can use it to get your deployment needs under control. So if you face the problem of "Nix geht mehr!", maybe you want to give Nix a try?

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